Alleluia, He is Risen!
Easter on
Standing Rock 2017

Chicago Convocation 2017
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 
Alumnus John Floberg will share his experience ministering to the water protectors at Standing Rock Sioux Nation, and organizing the clergy participation in November 2016. Panel members Gayle Fisher-Stewart and Kenji Kuramitsu will respond to John's presentation
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New Community Gathering
Registration is NOW OPEN

Jonny Kuntz Baptism St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Ariani Gayton Baptism St. Luke's Episcopal Church

July 19 - 22, 2017
The New community Gathering happens triennially, the year before General Convention. The gathering will convene to offer workshops, panelists, discussions, and education. This year's theme is: Life, Liberty, and Justice.

If you are interested, please click on the following link, to the registration form.

Eucharist at                  Luke's Episcopal Church

St. James Episcopa Church

Godly Play at
 Luke's Episcopal Church

  1. Standing Rock
    Standing Rock
    Standing Rock Monument overlooks the Missouri River.
  2. Every kid, everywhere for eternity.
    Every kid, everywhere for eternity.
    Young Life Kids surround and huddle for prayer.
  3. Oceti Sakowin Camp
    Oceti Sakowin Camp
    The Oceti Sakowin skyline. Photo by Frank White Bull Photography.
  4. DAPL Site
    DAPL Site
    TEC Flag tied tied to the fence at the Dakota Access Pipeline Site, among many other Nations' flags, showing Solidarity with Standing Rock.
  5. St. James
    St. James
    Isaiah Floberg, Patrick Kelly, Father John Floberg, Ethan Summers not pictured: Alex Bordeaux
  6. Standing Rock Church members
    Standing Rock Church members
    Members of St. James & St. Luke's stand at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline, with the Bishop of ND- Michael G. Smith.
  7. Pathways
    Pathways boys pose in front of the Tiny Houses, which are being built on Standing Rock.
  8. Presiding Bishops Installation
    Presiding Bishops Installation
    Deacon Brandon Mauai receives a blessing from the Presiding Bishopbefore reading the Gospel in Dakota.
  9. Tiny House Project.
    Tiny House Project.
  10. John+ & Carmine
    John+ & Carmine
    Father John Floberg, Priest in Charge on Standing Rock & Carmine Goodhouse, Sr. Warden at St. Luke's.

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